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Reference Sheet of Heat Exchanger Technology

Project Name:


Project Location:


Customer Name:


Customer Address:


Contact Person:


Contact Information:


Unit Application Area



Air Conditioning(A):


Life Hot Water (B):


Craft Cooling(P):


Unit Hot Load(KW):


Qty of Heat Exchanger:


Type of Heat Exchanger:

    Plate           Positive Displacement             Semi Positive Displacement

Primary Side Medium:

  Vapor     Water

Water tem. of In/Out at the primary side:


Unit pressure-bearing:


Water tem. of In/Out at the second side:


Unit External Extra Pressure:


Pi Pipeline material at primary side:


Pipeline material at second side:


Circulation pump frequency conversion :


Qty of circulating pump:


Water replenishing pump:


Water replenishing pump frequency conversion:


Water pump brand:


PHE brand:


Control Method

Temperature Control(T):


Variable pressure difference control(P):


Water replenishing Control(J):


Other special Requirements:  




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